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Shangri-La Season 1 Episode 16 Frenzy Wood Prison 2009

Ryoko decides to make Miiko the next vessel for Lord Hiruko. Kuniko returns with Momoko back to Duomo to think of their next step. After being welcomed back by the citizens, Kuniko goes to confront Nagiko about her role as first governor of Atlas. When she gets no answer, Kuniko has no choice but to banish her grandmother from Duomo. Before leaving, Nagiko informs her about Takehiko's disappearance after returning to the town. Miiko is forcibly turned into Hiruko's new vessel. Furukawa shares Kuniko his discovery that the artillery attacks came from a genetically modified plant called Daedalus. Ryoko also discovers this fact, but ignores the plant's threat as it will not be able to harm Atlas, but the same could not be said for Duomo and the rest living below. Kunihito makes his decision to leave the military. Mikuni pulls herself together and plans to attack Atlas to rescue Miiko. Kuniko and her team make their way to the forest to burn down Daedalus, but it retaliates against them. Mikuni fails to have her people kill Ryoko, but the woman brings her to see Miiko, who has turned into Hiruko's vessel. As Miiko's personality fights against Hiruko to speak with Mikuni, Ryoko has security surround Mikuni. Sayoko arrives to take Miiko/Hiruko hostage and leaves Atlas together with Mikuni. Momoko tells Kuniko that Daedalus will one day overwhelm and create a forest full of its plants, due to the bomb shower. As Kuniko contemplates this alone, Takehiko attempts to kill her.

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